Saudagar Kopi

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then let these pictures speak thousands words.

Part 1: Exterior20140602_09202420140602_101540 20140602_09203320140809_172543

Part 2: Interior 20140602_092140

20140809_18004220140602_092250 20140602_092320 20140602_092332 20140602_09235420140602_09245520140602_09250120140602_09273520140602_092727

Part 3: Menu 20140602_09210320140602_09215420140602_09240820140602_092135

A different single origin coffee was offered when I came two months later. 20140809_180008

20140602_092833 20140602_092944 20140602_093451 20140602_094837 20140602_095628 20140809_172856 20140809_173739 20140809_174453 20140809_175813 20140809_175954

Part 4: Barista in action

Note taken from Thatha about Saudagar Kopi:

  • Started in October 2013
  • Owner is from Bandung
  • The killer House Blend is a mix of Toraja Sapan, Padang,…

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Sabang 16 - Kopi & Srikaya

Sabang 16 – Kopi & Srikaya

 Sabang 16 is famous for its kaya toast and local single origin coffee. The interior is quite interesting, a mixture of modern and oldies. There were collections of jokes on modern technology, as well as ancient housewares.

20140604_074957 20140604_07503420140604_07512620140604_07514520140604_075139

The first time I came here I ordered a cup of Kopi Tubruk made of Sidikalang coffee beans and Roti Srikaya Panggang.
The kaya toast looks very fluffy. I liked it. 
20140604_080936 20140604_081301 20140604_084831However…

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Kue Bugis

My mum asked me to buy some snacks for her arisan gathering, and I bought one for myself. Kue Bugis is one of Indonesian traditional cake, which adds to the entry I posted earlier on Indonesian Traditional Cake. I picked this cake because it looks cute, and I had never tried it before. The cake is wrapped in banana leaf in the shape of cone, which looks like a mini version of Caffe The Tha’s Nasi…

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Nasi Campur AFA Kalimantan

Nasi Campur AFA Kalimantan

It’s amazing how Jembatan Lima has so many food stalls and kiosks that serve authentic Pontianak or Kalimantan cuisine. One of them is Nasi Campur AFA Kalimantan. There are many options of nasi campur (Chinese mixed rice) on this street, such as Yung Yung 99 and Acong 36 [it’s funny how Chinese like to include lucky numbers in its brand name], but I read from reviews that AFA offers the best…

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Stressed Snack Time

A gift from Riri: “Ekado” & “Emping” 20140901_081409

This snack is like a mini version of Caffe The Tha’s money bag filled with ebi, so crunchy and yummy. I love this snack, so I named it “Princess BEE” (Bebi Ebi Ekado).20140901_081435The “emping” is a little bit hard to chew. 

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Bakmi Ernie

Bakmi Ernie is my family’s favourite noodle shop in Kelapa Gading. It is always crowded in the morning.

Mie Keriting (Curly Noodle) khas Siantar IMG_2318
20140829_073347 20140829_073312

This shop has very awesome Lontong Sayur. My foreigner friends wanted me to take them here every morning.  Lontong Sayur

Other than noodle, this shop also offers wide varieties of traditional cakes and snacks. 20140829_074954


Taste ●●●●●

Hospitality ●●○○○


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Surprising Monday Morning

This morning, my driver entered my office room and put this pinky shopping bag on my table; he said: “Excuse me, Miss, I’d like to give you something“. I was surprised when I saw the brand Victoria’s Secret. 20140901_161005

When I opened the bag, I was so happy to see two bags of coffee from Jambi, my driver’s wife’s hometown.

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Mooncake 月饼

Mooncake 月饼

The Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节 falls on September 8 this year. There is a tradition of gathering as family, enjoying full moon and eating mooncake on that day.

I saw this adorable elephant mooncake at Pacific Place Hong Kong.


There are two big categories of mooncake: baked and snowskin. Here is a general anatomy of baked mooncake. 20140831_072017

Here is an example of baked mooncake in an innovative shape. pig-moon-cake-1


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Food Truck Festival


1. Loco Mama20140822_18323920140822_183303
2. Street Ramyun

3. Food Stop20140822_183250

4. Taco Truck 20140822_18351420140822_183619

5. Amerigo 20140822_18352520140822_183612

6. Tabanco Coffee 20140822_1835497. Retro Gourmet
20140822_183843 20140822_183908 20140822_183926

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Street Steak

Street Steak is a newly opened steak restaurant in Kelapa Gading, which turned out that it used to run under the name Bobby Steak. 20140829_123404 20140829_123726

The interior design matches the name. The alley between rows of tables is designed as street. There is a green board indicating direction of kitchen, toilet, cashier, just like traffic road signs.

Free appetizer

I ordered Wall Street Steak– 200 grams wagyu…

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Pasar Santa

20140830_163035 20140830_163322 20140830_163501

We stopped by at this petit coffee shop run by a foreigner called Obsessive Coffee Disorder (OCD). 20140830_16405920140830_163831

The menu is very simple, it is written on a narrow blackboard.
20140830_163853 20140830_163904We had a glass of Cold Brew Tea (left, light brown) and a glass of Cold Brew Coffee(right, dark brown). The cold brew tea is composed of tea from nitrogen machine, ice cubes, fresh lime, and simple syrup. The cold brew coffee is…

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Pasaraya Blok M

It was my first time going to Pasaraya Blok M. The purpose our my visit was to find batik for my mum’s birthday, but turned out we spent more time looking for Riri’s batik, eating lunch, and grocery shopping.

On the third floor, you can find handicraft, souvenirs, paintings, puppets, cravings, silverware, gems and jewelries.


The congklak (mancala) board shape is different from regular ones. I…

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DapuRaya is a food court inside Pasaraya Blok M. It is huge. At a glance, it is similar to Eat & Eat, but after you look closer, the two food courts have their own characteristics.  20140830_145334

I really love the interior. The ceilings and pillars look very artistic. Each section has its own interior theme, such as colourful windows on the ceiling, umbrellas on the ceiling, bird nests on the ceiling, batik…

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Bubur Ayam Khas Brebes Bang Jaya

Bubur Ayam Khas Brebes Bang Jaya

Unlike other street congee vendors, Bubur Ayam Spesial Brebes Berhias (Bang Jaya), is located in a “ruko” (building) with seating area in Pesanggrahan, Puri Indah. 20140830_20080120140830_201154There’s an interesting menu: “Bubur Ga Pake Ayam” (Porridge without Chicken).


They offer many kinds of satay, including “Telur Muda” / “Uritan” (Young Egg / Unfinished Egg), which is an egg is taken out of a hen but hasn’t fully…

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Nasi Uduk Ibu Jum

Nasi Uduk Ibu Jum

Nasi Uduk Ibu Jum is one of hidden gems in Kelapa Gading, but it’s only open at night and while it’s not raining. It is located across BPK Penabur Kelapa Gading. Although it is considered as “warung” / street food, but the guests mostly come in cars. IMG_780620140829_19025520140829_184638

The seating area is all outdoor with sunbrella sponsored by Nu Green Tea. 20140829_185015

They even provide a Musholla / praying room for Muslims.


And children…

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