Jing-si Books & Cafe

Jing-si Books & Cafe


The cafe only offers drinks: tea and coffee. 20140820_185138

It’s interesting that they sell instant brown rice in various flavours: curry, seaweed, corn & peas, garden vegetables and azuki bean (red bean).20140820_18533020140820_190000

I ordered hot Roselle Tea. What a pretty colour. Super sour. But after a while, plum flavours came out. 20140820_185601  20140820_194008 20140820_194804

Very peaceful. Perfect for reading. 20140820_194820

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Bubur Ayam Pedo Khas Cianjur, Mall Kelapa Gading 1

This style of chicken congee is originated from Cianjur - a city in West Java, between Jakarta and Bandung, famous for its rice production. 
Sambel Mertua

Thanks to my boyfriend for introducing this chilli brand called Sambel Mertua, which made my simple lunch become special lunch. 20140820_124224

The red one is sambel terasi — very spicy!, and the green one is sambel teri — very crunchy! I like ‘em both. A lot. 20140820_123601

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Pocky Chocolate Midi

Only the size of iPhone 5S 
Transera Family Karaoke

Today, August 19, 2014, is the grand opening of Transera F-KTV in Ekalokasari Mall, Bogor. This is our fourth outlet.

Two mascots from Transera Waterpark20140819_101550


An opening speech delivered by Mr. Thomas Effendy as the owner of Transera F-KTV  20140819_104311

Photo booth inside Transera F-KTV 20140819_102839 20140819_111105 20140819_114631

Motto of Transera: Serving with Our Best Services. Members of Transera family: Transera F-KTV, Transera Waterpark, Transera…

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Friend Turns Foe
Sop Buntut Ibu Henny

Sop Buntut Ibu Henny

What a cute doodle wall. 20140815_13095220140815_120713

My friend ordered Sop Buntut Rica Rica, but it didn’t look anything like on the picture. The oxtail appears red on the picture, just like normal Rica-Rica sauce, but this one is green. It tasted a bit weird, sour and not spicy. 20140815_122820

Luckily, I ordered Paket Nasi Bakar, which includes:

  • nasi bakar teri (grilled rice)
  • ayam penyet (spicy chicken) // ayam bakar (grilled chicken)…

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Michelle Bakery
Hokkien Lo Mie Abeng & Sayangan 88 Palembang

Hokkien Lo Mie Abeng & Sayangan 88 Palembang

Hokkien Lo Mie Abeng is originated from Palembang, just like Bakmi Aloi. It is located on the same street as Bakmi Asiong and Bakmi Khek. 20140818_072814

There’s a bell hanging on the roof with automatic sensor (see the pink circle on the picture below), which rings whenever a customer walks in. I think this is a very good idea. 20140818_073355The owner displayed pempek (traditional Palembang snack made of fish) and…

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A night full of laugh & love
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Pontianak Morning Street Bazaar jl. Gajah Mada #pontianak #streetfood #bazaar #indonesia #kalimantan #borneo #kuebasah #cake #pie #caikue #choipan #jajan #pasar #pudding #breakfast #bfast #brekkie #morning #pagi
Business Trip to Pontianak #aston #hotel #pontianak #indonesia #travel #khatulistiwa #equator #sepakbola #soccer #bicycle #bike #sepeda (at Hotel ASTON Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat Indonesia.)
Happy birthday Aleng!  (at TheTha Caffe)
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