Kedai Opa

Kedai Opa is a newcomer restaurant in Kelapa Gading, specialises in fried rice.

Nasi Goreng OPA (OPA Fried Rice). This is traditional Makassar (Ujung Pandang) style of fried rice, in which the red colour comes from tomato sauce. Since I’m craze for spicy food, I didn’t find this style of fried rice attractive. The portion was huge, enough to feed 3 people.


Nasi Goreng Yangchow(Yang Zhou Fried…

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Bun Ong

Bun Ong is a Singapore style congee and Hainanese Chicken Rice vendor that is open for 24 hours in Kelapa Gading.20140930_070938

I never realised that it actually has an extensive menu, including noodle, roasted duck, and many options of congee. However, the price list is quite shocking.20140930_071100

I ordered Bubur Ayam Pitan (Chicken Century Egg Porridge), falls under Bubur Kombinasi 1, which costs IDR 38k. The porridge…

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Pondok Makan Siti Al Azizah

Pondok Makan Siti Al Azizah

Pondok Makan Siti Al Azizah is a street food vendor in Cikini area that sells bubur ayam (chicken porridge) and many other stir-fry Chinese food – although the name sounds Muslim. This food vendor is often full of customers and it is open for 24 hours. 20140929_20161420140929_20153220140929_20144420140929_201505

I had bubur ayam biasa (regular chicken porridge) and Riri ordered bubur ayam special(special chicken porridge). The difference between the two…

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Soto Ayam Surabaya P. Arif

Soto Ayam Surabaya P. Arif

Tina introduced this hidden street food vendor inside a private residential area. Tina has the phone number of the seller, Pak Arif, who speaks with a very strong Javanese accent. Since Tina has known Pak Arif well for quite a while, Pak Arif lets us have free flow of everything, from the rice, chicken, koya (shredded shrimp cracker), cabbage, bean sprout, basically everything he has on his cart.


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Day 2 in Hong Kong – Top Walking Record

Route: Annie’s Apartment (Kowloon) > Langham Place (Kowloon) > World Trade Centre (Causeway Bay) > Times Square (Causeway Bay) > Annie’s Apartment (Kowloon) 
Nha Trang - Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

Nha Trang – Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

20140917_191023 20140917_191142

Hanoi Tomato and Crab Noodle Soup (Bun Rieu). Bun Rieu is a northern regional dish, not commonly served in other Vietnamese restaurant, consists of crab, dried shrimp, tomato and garlic soup as its core, added with minced pork, light mashed crabmeat silvers of scrambled egg, bean sprout, fresh shrimp balls and thin vermicelli rice noodles.  20140917_192108

Vermicelli Cake with Lemongrass Crusted Tofu (Banh…

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Wandering Around Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Wandering Around Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Mission Impossible: Searching for Dorami

My friend, Siska, asked me to buy Dorami toy since she couldn’t find it in Jakarta. Annie and I looked for Dorami in 20 different toy shops, but still couldn’t find it. When we almost gave up, we suddenly saw 3D puzzle shop in Island Beverly that sells Dorami. Yay! Mission accomplished.

Funny floor guide in Island Beverly

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Dim Sum @ Dragon King Restaurant 龍皇酒家

Dim Sum @ Dragon King Restaurant 龍皇酒家

Dragon King Restaurant 龍皇酒家 is located inside World Trade Centre, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The restaurant is still full of crowds at 2 pm on weekdays. 
20140917_134723 20140917_133935 20140917_133540 20140917_133930 20140917_133658 20140917_13335120140917_135234

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Homemade Sangria

Riri and Thatha made sangria at home with layers of chopped apple, kiwi, strawberry, and Sunkist orange. For the alcohols, we added lemon liqueur and red wine Merlot.


Here is a basic anatomy of sangria.503c3c2dc1c75281021a9255ca84c189

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Happy 13th Monthversary

Today (September 24, 2014) is Riri’s and Thatha’s 13th Monthversary. Riri surprised Thatha by coming to Thatha’s office. Even more surprising, Riri brought 4 pieces of homemade Ichigo Daifuku (Mochi), filled with red beans and fresh whole strawberry. 20140924_17371820140924_173840

Riri didn’t stop giving surprise. He bought 3 stalks of white roses. I just found out the meaning of three stalks of white roses; the colour…

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Langham Place

Langham Place is more like a museum than a shopping mall. I could spend a whole day just looking around at many lifestyle, gift & toys, and specialty stores. The followings are my favourites.


Annie informed me that Log-On is part of City Super group. I found sooo many Hello Kitty goodies that I couldn’t find in other shops, such as Nanoblock, Balance Game, 3D Crystal Puzzle, and many more. 20140917_112125

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Sanrio Star Dining @ Langham Place, Hong Kong
Elements 圓方 Hong Kong

Elements 圓方 Hong Kong

My friend Annie took me straight to Elements right after my sad 12-hour plane ride due to typhoon. I left Jakarta at 8 am and arrived in Hong Kong at 8 pm. I was stranded in Ho Chi Minh City for about 4 hours inside the plane.

Elements is a huge shopping mall connected to the airport express station of Kowloon. I guess the reason why it is called Elementsis because the mall is divided into…

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Bits & Bobs for Caffe The Tha

Bits & Bobs for Caffe The Tha

Santorini Aromatherapy Diffuser

20140922_084159Table Tissue HolderScreen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.44.55 AM

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Porridge Oats

Annie recommended me a good porridge oats produced by CitySuper, which tastes very differently from the most commonly seen oat brand, Quaker. Other than oats, there are many varieties of muesli, such as cranberry Delight, Apple & Apricot Muesli, All Fruit Muesli, Swiss Style Muesli, and Fruit Crunch Muesli. 20140917_185401

I divided the 500 gram of porridge oats to three containers; one for Riri, another one…

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