The Tale of Two Gado-Gado Vendors

The Tale of Two Gado-Gado Vendors

In this entry, I’d like to present two vendors of gado-gado. The first one is a legendary vendor in Kelapa Gading (where Thatha grew up), and the second one is famous in Puri (where Riri grew up).

1. Gado Gado Lely, Kelapa Gading. Ibu Lely is the one sitting at cashier table, wearing purple t-shirt.


The food and drink menu are quite extensive. The food menu is quite interesting, such as Rujak…

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Lyon @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Lyon @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

 Lyon, the French restaurant inside Mandarin Oriental Hotel, offers all-you-can-eat brunch, for both a la carte and buffet menu.

Here is the menu for a la carte. 20141004_113133

1. Roasted Purebred Berkshire Pork with soft polenta and charcutiere sauce 20141004_114335

2. Free-Range Chicken Albufera with black truffle and macaroni au gratin 20141004_114345

3. Duck Foie Graswith salted beets – Riri is a big fan of foie gras, so he couldn’t…

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Remboelan - Indonesian Fine Dining Restaurant

Remboelan – Indonesian Fine Dining Restaurant

The gorgeous interior design makes us feel like dining in the moon, just like the brand name Remboelan, which means moon. 20141007_174256

The two menu book: the red one is for appetizers & main courses; the blue one is for desserts & beverages. 20141002_18500320141002_185008

Teh Poci Jawa

Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)20141002_191816

Nasi Bakar Roa(Baked Rice with Smoked Flying Fish) & Sate Campur (Mixed Chicken & Beef Satay) 20141002_192248

Es Cendol Tape– shredded ice with…

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Chef Riri Weekend Show

1. Indomie Carbonara. Chef Riri added a new sensation to a boring instant noodle by adding an egg into the soup broth, so that it is creamier just like spaghetti carbonara. For finish touch, Chef Riri topped the noodle dish with crispy garlic chips and super spicy Thai chilli flakes. I bet you cannot find this dish anywhere else. Maybe Chef Riri should open a food stall called Warung Indomie Mr.…

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Happy Birthday, Jeje!

Today is my coworker’s daughter’s birthday. Jeje is turning 3 years old. At first, I wanted to buy Hello Kitty pyjamas, but I couldn’t find it in all baby shops in Mall Kelapa Gading. I ended up buying a Hello Kitty towel and a Hello Kitty song book. There are 20 songs inside the mini music player that you can shuffle, just like an iPod. 20141010_081203 20141010_081306 20141010_081316 20141010_082443

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AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe is a new Japanese Italian restaurant in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. 20141007_17514220141007_17521520141007_175406

Free bread and butter appetizer 20141007_184127

Drink Menu

Food Menu (Final Design). It was funny that my friend got the fully coloured menu book, whereas I got the draft version. 20141007_183550

Food menu (Draft)20141007_175646

For drink, I tried the Cucumber Peach Cocktail, which is made of Kyuri Cucumber Spirit, Lemon, sliced peach, sliced…

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Breakfast Bonanza

My mum amazed us this morning with her breakfast menu: Steamed Fish Hong Kong Style, scrambled egg soup and stir fry long bean. Bravo! 
Crystal Jade Bakery’s Healthy Bread

Crystal Jade Bakery’s Healthy Bread

Mixed Fruit Muffin. The muffin was so hard and heavy, even after I heat it in a microwave. I’m guessing the recipe of this muffin is similar to this Mixed Fruit and Nut Muffin20141006_124645 Here are other options of healthy bread at Crystal Jade Bakery20141005_16555720141005_165412

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Cooking Mama is Back

Cooking Mama is Back

After half a year breakfasting outside, I finally had breakfast at home this morning. I just realised how much I missed my mum’s cooking. Today, she made a traditional Pontianak dish, the purple taro (yam) soup. The tempe goreng was a bit salty, maybe because she hasn’t cooked for a while. Hihihi. Thank you, Mami!
20141003_074749 20141003_074835

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Kedai Opa

Kedai Opa is a newcomer restaurant in Kelapa Gading, specialises in fried rice.

Nasi Goreng OPA (OPA Fried Rice). This is traditional Makassar (Ujung Pandang) style of fried rice, in which the red colour comes from tomato sauce. Since I’m craze for spicy food, I didn’t find this style of fried rice attractive. The portion was huge, enough to feed 3 people.


Nasi Goreng Yangchow(Yang Zhou Fried…

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Bun Ong

Bun Ong is a Singapore style congee and Hainanese Chicken Rice vendor that is open for 24 hours in Kelapa Gading.20140930_070938

I never realised that it actually has an extensive menu, including noodle, roasted duck, and many options of congee. However, the price list is quite shocking.20140930_071100

I ordered Bubur Ayam Pitan (Chicken Century Egg Porridge), falls under Bubur Kombinasi 1, which costs IDR 38k. The porridge…

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Pondok Makan Siti Al Azizah

Pondok Makan Siti Al Azizah

Pondok Makan Siti Al Azizah is a street food vendor in Cikini area that sells bubur ayam (chicken porridge) and many other stir-fry Chinese food – although the name sounds Muslim. This food vendor is often full of customers and it is open for 24 hours. 20140929_20161420140929_20153220140929_20144420140929_201505

I had bubur ayam biasa (regular chicken porridge) and Riri ordered bubur ayam special(special chicken porridge). The difference between the two…

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Soto Ayam Surabaya P. Arif

Soto Ayam Surabaya P. Arif

Tina introduced this hidden street food vendor inside a private residential area. Tina has the phone number of the seller, Pak Arif, who speaks with a very strong Javanese accent. Since Tina has known Pak Arif well for quite a while, Pak Arif lets us have free flow of everything, from the rice, chicken, koya (shredded shrimp cracker), cabbage, bean sprout, basically everything he has on his cart.


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Day 2 in Hong Kong – Top Walking Record

Route: Annie’s Apartment (Kowloon) > Langham Place (Kowloon) > World Trade Centre (Causeway Bay) > Times Square (Causeway Bay) > Annie’s Apartment (Kowloon) 
Nha Trang - Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

Nha Trang – Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

20140917_191023 20140917_191142

Hanoi Tomato and Crab Noodle Soup (Bun Rieu). Bun Rieu is a northern regional dish, not commonly served in other Vietnamese restaurant, consists of crab, dried shrimp, tomato and garlic soup as its core, added with minced pork, light mashed crabmeat silvers of scrambled egg, bean sprout, fresh shrimp balls and thin vermicelli rice noodles.  20140917_192108

Vermicelli Cake with Lemongrass Crusted Tofu (Banh…

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